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Examination Results


2019 Exam and assessment results

The diligence of students and staff at Boston Grammar School has resulted in outstanding GCSE grades. Parental support has also been fundamental in students' successes and I'm grateful to everyone for their hard work and perseverance. Students and their teachers have been incredible throughout the last two years, demonstrating resilience and determination. At a time of such immense change, with courses becoming more demanding, it is great to see the many challenges being overcome so admirably. 

100% of grades were good passes or better in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Studies, Art, Music, PE, Russian and Additional Mathematics. In Biology 65% of grades were at the higher level, 7 to 9. In Chemistry the figure was 61% and in Physics 58% of students were graded at 7 to 9. The 7 / 8 grades have replaced the A / A* grades whilst the '9' grade is for exceptional performance. Higher grades have become more difficult to achieve so it's impressive that many students have performed to such an excellent standard. 

Particularly commendable, in terms of the higher grades, were Harry Hopkins (7 x '9', 1 x '8', 1 x A* and 2 x '7' grades), Will Richardson ( 6 x '9', 1 x '8', 1 x A*, 3 x '7'), Will Craven ( 3 x '9', 5 x '8', 3 x '7'), Jake Sherrick ( 3 x '9', 4 x '8', 2 x '7'), Finley Roberts ( 8 x '8', 1 x A*, 2 x '7'), Evren Akyuz ( 4 x '9', 1 x '8', 2 x '7', 1 x 'A'), Ryan Halle (1 x '8', 7 x '7', 1 x 'A'), Matthew Leachman ( 5 x '8', 2 x '7', 1 x 'A'), Ben Mepham ( 1 x '9', 4 x '8', 1 x '7', 1 x 'A'), Kirils Mustermans ( 3 x '8', 2 x A*, 4 x '7'), Ayokunie Olamijulo ( 1 x '9', 4 x '8', 3 x '7'), James Pauly ( 7 x '8', 3 x '7'), William Pettitt ( 1 x '8', 5 x '7' and 1 x 'A'). Along with many others they have performed brilliantly and we are all proud of their achievements. 

John McHenry 

2019 Exam and assessment results

Percentage of students achieving 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 4+ including English and Maths: 85.1%
Percentage of students who've achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and Maths at the end of KS4: 61.4% (England average 46.7%)
Attainment 8 score: 54.8 (England average 46.5)
Progress 8 score: -0.4 (unverified)
Entering EBacc: 80% (England average 40%)
EBacc average point score: 5.02 (England average 4.07)
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4: 100% (England average 94%)


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Superb success at BGS – A level results 2018

Boston Grammar School is celebrating brilliant A-level results, again. 

I am grateful to all our students and my colleagues for their determined and conscientious efforts. Their hard work has been constant and admirable. In Biology, Business, English, English Literature, Computing, Music, Physics and RS more than 50% of grades were A* - C. In History, Maths, RS, EPQ and Further Maths over 50% of grades were A* - B. These grades demonstrate significant achievement and they are an impressive testament to the talent and industry of all concerned. In spite of the huge amount of change and increased difficulty in courses and assessments over the last couple of years, students have successfully obtained superb grades.  

There were numerous noteworthy performances. Particularly impressive were Joel Davidson (A*AA), James Worthington (A*A*A*A), Shahzad Sanjrani (AAAA), Harrison Dell (A*AA), Harry Stainfield (AAB), Damian Powalski (AAB) and Neelay Sant (A*A*A*A*A*). Neelay's outstanding grades reflect his exemplary approach to his studies and have secured him a place at Cambridge to study Chemical Engineering. 

Congratulations to all BGS' students on their excellent results! We wish you every success in the future and look forward to celebrating your achievements at Prize Giving. 

John McHenry

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GCSE 2017

Boston Grammar School Excellent GCSE Results - 95% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades, including English and Mathematics.

Overall measures:

63% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate, the government's 'gold standard' measure of academic performance, with 52% achieving it at the higher threshold standard (National average 19.5%).

The Attainment 8 score is 56.32 (National average 44.2) and the provisional Progress 8 score is -0.22. 95% of students achieved 5 or more passes at A* - C, including English and Maths at GCSE. BGS has 97% of students who continue to further education, training or employment at the end of 16-19 study.

English and Mathematics:
Mathematics and English students were graded at 9-1 for the first time with 4 being set as a standard pass and 5 a strong pass.

97% of students gained English and Mathematics grades with a standard pass (National average 63%)
73% of students achieved the standard at the new higher 5+ threshold (National average 39%).
Over 90% of students have achieved a strong pass in Mathematics.
Over 98% of Mathematics students gained a standard pass.
Over 98% of English students gained a standard pass.

There were many notable performances in other subjects:
54% of Chemistry students achieving A*/A with 96% A*-C, and even better in Biology and Physics who both had 67% of students achieve A*/A and 100% A*-C.
Art, PE and some MFL subjects achieved 100% A*-C pass rates. History achieved a 92% A*-C pass rate and overall the A*-C pass rate stood at 87% for every GCSE exam taken.

There were superb performances from many students:
Abdullah Ahmad, Will Balsom, Connor Blakeborough, Wali Butt, Sam French, Seth Greeves, Travis Higgins, Thomas Holden, Nathan Mascarenhas, Callum Mullenger, William Nuttell, Amir Tayabali, Aaron Taylor, Ross Weavin and Dominic Wilson. Abdullah (8A* and 3A), Will Balsom (9A* and 2A) and Seth (9A* and 3A) all achieved A / A* (or equivalent numerical grades) in all of the subjects they studied. An incredible and immense success at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the higher GCSE grades.

Our congratulations go to all students, parents and staff who worked so hard to make these impressive successes possible!

A-levels 2017

Outstanding A level results at Boston Grammar School. The school’s AS results are its best ever.

The average A level grade was a C- and C+ for students’ best 3 A-Levels. 

Boston Grammar School's students have achieved particularly impressive results in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, French, History, Physics, RS and Spanish. Further Mathematics results were once again brilliant with 83% of grades being at A*-B standard.

There were numerous outstanding performances, including Matthew Wearden (two A* grades and three A grades), Luke Cocks (two A*, one A and one B), Mohanad Turki (three A grades), Bradley Knight (one A*, one A and one B grade), Owen Long (two A and one B), Joseph Dean (one A and two B grades) and Bradley White (one A and two B grades).

Almost all A-level students have been accepted at their preferred university of choice. After achieving two A* grades and three A grades Matthew Wearden will be attending Cambridge University to study Mathematics. Matthew also achieved grade 1 in each of his three STEP exams (Sixth Term Examination Papers) for entry to Cambridge. Another significant success!

Boston Grammar School’s AS results are its best ever with over 60% of grades being at A / B standard. There were excellent results in Maths for James Banks, Aaron Bradshaw, Joel Davidson, Harrison Dell, Laurynas Kovalskis, Mateusz Lugowski, Damian Powalski, Shahzad Sanjrani, Neelay Sant, Ryan Skinner and James Worthington. All of these students gained an 'A' grade, the best possible at AS level. James, Joel, Harrison, Laurynas, Mateusz, Neelay, Ryan and James also gained 'A' grades in AS Further Mathematics. These results are impressive, especially at a time when there has been so much change and high grades are more difficult to achieve.

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