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The document below has the different sessions available on the Sixth Form Taster Day on Friday 23 November 2018 at Boston Grammar School. Download and completed the form by Wednesday 21 November 2018.

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John Lyon Boston Grammar School is an excellent place to study as a Sixth Form Student. The school has a long history of promoting excellent achievement within a supportive environment which helps students to develop their learning skills, whilst also promoting the essential character traits which will allow them to become successful, productive citizens of the future.

Sixth form studies are based around A level courses, with a broad curriculum being offered to students who wish to come to study with us. The school is rightly proud of the breadth of courses it currently offers and rightly believes that this helps to promote an ethos in which high standards are expected and a personalised, tailored learning experience is provided for our students.

Sixth Form students have access to purpose-built accommodation in the school’s Sixth Form Centre, where they may access computers and other learning resources to help them to complete their work in independent study periods. In addition, students also have access to wi-fi in this area, allowing them to bring their own device to use in school.

In addition to academic studies, Sixth Form students are encouraged to engage in other activities which enrich their experience of Boston Grammar School. These include sporting activities, extra-curricular opportunities, mentoring and supporting younger students, additional qualifications, such as the Extended Project Qualification and Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes. Additionally, students have the opportunity to apply for a number of leadership positions, where they can develop their own personal leadership skills as well as having a positive impact upon school life.

The Sixth Form staff team work hard to ensure that all students are supported throughout their Sixth Form experience. We all believe that students achieve their best when they are happy and can access support whenever it is needed. We believe that this personal, student-centred approach is what makes our Sixth Form stand out.

The best way to experience what we can offer in the Sixth Form at Boston Grammar School is to pay a visit to see it for yourself. We are always happy to accommodate visitors and I am confident that you will be impressed by our students, staff and our approach toward post 16 studies.

John Lyon Head of Sixth Form

Dominic WilsonMany people struggle to decide what path they wish to take after Year 11 and who can blame them? It will be one of the biggest decisions of your life and you cannot afford to make any mistakes. However, personally I found staying on at Boston Grammar School one of the easiest choices to make. At this school, there is a great community atmosphere in which you will thrive and prosper with all the encouragement and resources on offer.

Sixth Form is a step up. You will be challenged by a new method of learning which requires an independence that you may not have yet experienced. However, the system of tutors, teachers and support staff help to make this transition as smooth as possible and ensure you get the most out of your studies. This network also efficiently guides you through the process of post A-Level options, meaning you never feel lost and can be confident knowing that the school is going to work just as diligently as you to achieve your aspirations.

Independent learning is a crucial part of Sixth Form and is highly valued here. Through study periods and enrichment, you have the opportunity to tailor and develop your learning techniques and expand your knowledge and experience into areas that A-Levels dare not venture. This exploration will not only feed your mind, but it is also a highly desirable skill in the eyes of universities and employers.

As well as providing you with a top-class education, Boston Grammar School recognises the importance of transferable skills and offers a variety of opportunities to A-Level students to develop these. Perhaps the most thrilling is the chance to join the Student Leadership Team. I was honoured to receive the Head Boy role and am even more grateful to be able to work with an incredible team of captains and prefects whose dedication to their responsibilities is unparalleled. We make it our mission to mould Boston Grammar School into the perfect stepping stone for your future endeavours, with every member of this unique institution striving to unlock your full potential.

Dominic Wilson Head Boy

Harriet KettleMoving schools was a big challenge for me. I was moving away from the people who I had spent five years with, to a place where I only knew a few fellow students. However, thanks to the welcoming community of Boston Grammar School I was able to integrate with new classmates and to throw myself into my studies.

For me, A-levels didn’t initially feel that much of a step-up from GCSE, however I could tell the difference in the amount of time that I had to devote to my subjects. The staff at Boston Grammar School support and encourage, not only with their fabulous teaching skills but also in the way that they challenged me to thrive and succeed, something they place as one of their highest priorities.

Before coming to Boston Grammar School I was unsure what I wanted to do in the future, but now after the various information events and trips the school has provided for me, I feel that I am certain about what course I want to study at university.

The school provides a superb environment, especially for the Sixth Form. Our new dedicated, state of the art, Sixth Form Centre provides us with an area of tranquillity that is an ideal setting for private study. The assets of the school don’t just lie in its academic classes, but also in the prestigious student leadership team and varied student-centred enrichment opportunities. I was fortunate enough to achieve the role of Head Girl, where I am supported by a marvellous team of prefects and captains. Being the Head Girl has provided me with numerous experiences, such as presenting a speech at Charter Day, a tradition that goes back over many years. Coming to Boston Grammar School has made me strive to be the best that I can be.  It has made me flourish – the school for me has been the first step toward my future success.

Harriet Kettle Head Girl

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