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Show My Homework

Show my homework is a convenient way for pupils and parents to view and monitor homework set by their teachers. Parents can also recieve push notifications via the show my homework app when homework has been assigned by a teacher for their child to complete, aswell as view homework that is outstanding.

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Parent Mail

Parent Mail allows parents to receive infomation about upcomming events, newsletters, clubs and other important events direct to their phone or computer.

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Plus Pay

Plus Pay is an easy and convenient way for parents to pay for everyday items including school meals, trips and uniforms – making the need for children to bring money into school a thing of the past!

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SchoolsComm is a great way for parents to easily view details of thier child's attendance, behaviour and achievement at any time, through the SchoolsComm smartphone app.

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Office 365 / One Drive

Office 365 and OneDrive allows students to access their schoolwork online and use microsoft apps, such as Word and Excel, to do thier work from home at anytime! 

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