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Welcome to the landing page on Home Learning. This page provides guidance to students and parents on how to manage Home Learning.

Links to BGS online learning tools

Year 11 Bridging Projects
  • Office 365 and SharePoint
  • Show My Homework
  • Maths Watch
  •  GCSE Pod
  • Seneca
  • The Ever Learner - PE
  • Teams online lessons schedule

  •  Year 10 lessons
  •  Year 12 lessons


  • Safeguarding Document
  •  Coronavirus (COVID-19): keeping children safe online - GOV.UK
  • Links to other useful Home Learning sites 
  •  BGS Mindset Revision Methods 
  •   Oak National Academy
  • BBC Bitesize
  •  Learn Lounge by Springpod
  •  Vtalks - Speakers for Schools
  •  Home Learning Resources List for Schools and Families
  • Frequently Asked Question

    How is work set?

    Through Show My Homework (SMHW). An explanation page for parents can be found above in the links section.

    How do teachers decide upon the work?

    The set work provides a similar amount of thinking and activity as if students were still in school. Sometimes this means the work may take less time than the normal school hour but is has been created to maintain the integrity of the curriculum structure and sequencing of student’s knowledge so students will not need significant catch up work when they return. Its completion is important and the rest of the curriculum builds on the knowledge being learnt now. Think of it as a brick wall and each lesson a brick. Miss too many and you won’t have the strength to build up higher. The work also:

    Encourages students to develop independent learning skills.

    Provides an opportunity for students to practise and consolidate what they have learned in lessons.

    Enables students to spend more time on tasks than would be possible in lessons and therefore to produce work in greater detail.

    Prepares students for future lessons, assessments, examinations and the world beyond school.

    How does the school ensure the quality of provision is appropriate?

    All set work is initially checked by the Subject Leader. In fact, much of the work is designed together within Departments and often set across multiple classes.

    The Senior Leadership Team sample all subjects across every year once a fortnight and share back to Subjects their findings including sharing best practice.

    The school welcomes and encourages feedback from parents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Teachers welcome direct feedback from students, which helps enable the subtle changes that happen more naturally in class. Remember all communication should go through SMHW or the school email system in order to protect staff and students. You will never be expected to have a video conference, skype call or any kind of audio call during this time.

    Student voice will be taken each fortnight to get a feel of how the work is going and how they are doing more generally.

    Student progress will be checked at least once per half term for KS3 students and twice a half term for KS4&5 students.

    What if the work is too much for my child or too difficult?

    Pitching work at the right level is a key skill of a teacher but even in normal classes with the most experienced staff it can sometimes be difficult. In normal classes teachers make adjustments as they go. In order to ensure less of this is necessary, some of the activities will be less demanding but the knowledge will remain at the appropriate level. Staff sometimes also create prerecorded explanations, as appropriate to the learning, to further enhance support to students. As parent and student together, you can make appropriate adjustments to the activities e.g. reducing the amount of written work if the activity takes you over the normal allotted time.

    We believe this is appropriate because OFSTED’s definition of progress is ‘knowing more and remembering more’ and their definition of learning is ‘an alteration in long term memory’ going on to say ‘if nothing has been altered in long term memory, nothing has been learned’. Without getting into the merits of such a description it is clear that understanding and remembering information is more important than large amounts of writing with little understanding or recall. Therefore, particularly where too much written activity is causing anxiety, focus instead on ‘knowing more and remembering more’. Before the students get too excited about the idea that this means no written work…..think again, you won’t be able to return having produced nothing and claiming to remember it all! Remember the activities are designed to help you understand it and focus on the key knowledge helping make it more memorable.


    If at all in doubt, or if you are struggling with the underlying ideas, you should message your teacher who can give you guidance just like normal.

    How will the school know if my child is/I am making appropriate progress?

    A number of subjects are checking through quizzing, online platforms or by getting students to email work in or save it into a folder on 365.

    In any case all student progress will be checked at least once per half term for KS3 students and twice a half term for KS4&5 students in an appropriate assessment, similar to in normal school.

    What should we do if we are unsure of how to access the online platforms?

    Most of the online platforms we have been using as a school for some time now; SMHW, SENECA, GCSEpod, etc. the students, where age appropriate, have been shown how to use them on a number of occasions in school. However, back on the home page of Home Learning we have direct links to the sites which have lots of guidance and we have added the most important links directly to our home page.

    Who should we contact if we have any further concerns or questions, particularly about anxiety, worries, social, emotional and mental health?

    If you are worried or anxious about anything, please feel free to contact your Head of Year via email. Tutors will contact their tutees, via email, once a week to check how they are getting on. However, if you would prefer to talk to someone then the school has a member of the Senior Leadership Team in school every day as well as Pastoral Support Team / Counsellors between 12 and 2, Monday to Thursday, and access to external support should it be required.

    Remember if you are at all anxious or worried just let us know and we will do our best to help you.  





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