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    Impressive GCSE results at Boston Grammar School

    There has been a big increase in the number of top GCSE grades at Boston Grammar School. Students and staff have worked tirelessly to achieve excellent results once again. 

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11+ Entry

The admission number of the school for each Year 7 intake cohort is 120. Admission to Boston Grammar School is decided by an 11+ test procedure. Practice tests are available, and these are normally undertaken at the primary school prior to the real tests. The actual selection tests will be taken either at the primary school, or at BGS, subject to arrangements negotiated with primary heads, for pupils in their final year at primary school and of the appropriate age group. The results of these tests will be rank ordered to select the top 25% of the local cohort, in keeping with the percentage intake targets across Lincolnshire’s grammar schools.

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Mid-Year Entry

Mid-year entry to the school is possible in Years 7 to 11 if the numbers in the relevant year group are below the published admission number. Applications are made on the Lincolnshire mid-year admissions form or directly to the school, but applicants for places in Years 10-11 will need to be aware that Key Stage 4 qualification routes already started in other schools may not be able to be continued or contribute to successful outcomes from the school’s examination board syllabuses. If a child has qualified for other grammar schools in Lincolnshire, a direct transfer can be made, at the Governors’ discretion.

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Sixth Form Entry

To secure a place in the Boston Grammar School Sixth Form, you should first look for the A Level courses that you wish to take and ensure that you make a provisional application for those courses. Once we have received and acknowledged your application, we will invite you in to discuss your choices, and we will then assume that you are a firm applicant and will cost you into our curriculum modelling. If, for any reason, your chosen combination of subjects does not fit the timetable blocking for next year, we will contact you later in the year to discuss your aspirations and how we may be able to accommodate them.

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    Latest News

  • Students experience life as an MEP in Strasbourg

    Students experience life as an MEP in Strasbourg

    11 students from years 11-13 have had a fantastic time experiencing what it is like to be an MEP. The students have been amazing and have represented our school brilliantly.
  • Boston Big Dig and BGS

    Boston Big Dig and BGS

    On Friday 3rd of May, 16 year 7 pupils took part in the Boston Hanse Group’s Big Dig. The aim of the dig was to uncover evidence of Boston’s Hanseatic past and discover artefacts dating back from the medieval period. 
  • Boston Grammar School pupils deliver language lessons

    Boston Grammar School pupils deliver language lessons

    Boston Grammar School pupils have recently visited Boston West Academy to deliver language lessons as part of the Language Leader Award. 
  • Boston Grammar School head to France for the summer

    Boston Grammar School head to France for the summer

    Forty students from Y8 headed to France for a fantastic week away this summer. It started with a visit to a snail farm, seeing how they are farmed and tasting them - tastier than you might think!

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